One of the most prominent advantages of the constantly advancing technology is our ability to work anywhere and it’s a great news to hear that more and more people are earning money not just for themselves but for the family and their goals while conveniently working at home.

You could earn a very hefty regular income just by working at home; thanks to the availability of technology through working remotely with your computers that are being connected online through the internet. You could work as a virtual assistant, social media manager, call centre representative, web designer and developer, graphic artist/designer, app developer, or a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is one of the most popular and in-demand home-based work nowadays where writers work on different specialities and one of it is being a professional resume writer.

freelance writer

A professional resume writer is often being hired by job seekers. However, these are not your average job seekers. These people who are looking for a new job could be a former executive officer or a high ranking official in a company or a firm who wants to change their career by pursuing a new job and one way of selling themselves and make an impression to their interviewers is to obtain a very well presented and neat resume that is an instant eye candy for the potential employer. Professional resume writers prepare the resume as well as the cover letter of their client which encloses the skill set, expertise, educational background, career history, and other traits and achievements to create an impression that their client is an outstanding candidate for the job.

You might be thinking right now how much is resume writing earns? In this article, I will discuss how these silent professionals earn from their specialized field of writing.

Just a fun fact, an employer averagely looks at a resume for five to seven seconds while 76 per cent of these resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address and there are 88 per cent rejection if you put your photo in the resume. That statistics that I’ve shown is staggering and nerve wracking especially if you’re very hopeful to land that job you want the most. That’s why hiring a professional resume writer is truly an added edge over your fellow job seekers.

A home-based resume writer is just like those who work in an office. They also are tasked to craft a very persuasive and presentable resume for their client’s gain. Does it sound easy right? However, it’s quite difficult to compose a resume from a person you don’t even know personally who is applying for a job you are not that familiar with; that makes professional resume writers stand among the rest because they are experts in a lot of niches particularly in different industries and field of works which makes them very easy to compose resumes for their valued clients.

No wonder, they demand quite an expensive charge to their clients, that’s why I mentioned earlier that most of their clients are those people who are former executives and high-ranking employees or officers from their previous companies.

An average professional resume writer charges their clients per hour which costs around $30 to $50-dollars while others charge them per project which costs around $1,000 to $3,000-dollars and an average $20-thousand to $30-thousand dollars a year.