Why Bitcoin Tumbling Is The Solution For Bitcoin Security

Why Bitcoin Tumbling Is The Solution For Bitcoin Security

Safety, a word that refers to which a person is free from harm and threats regardless if it’s physical or emotional. With how complicated the world is now ones safety can be at risks digitally like social media, online transactions, and even bitcoin. So why does bitcoin even mentioned here? This is because even if bitcoin is this digital currency that offers people to become anonymous, it’s not entirely anonymous.

Why? This is because your transactions are logged in a public ledger. If that doesn’t concern you should, because even banks have what you call as a bank secrecy law where your bank’s transactions aren’t even seen by other people other than the people in the bank and you. But with bitcoin, it’s all public. What makes it worse is that blockchain is very prone for hacking and that alphanumeric wallet of yours isn’t going to protect you from a very skilled hacker that wants your details and your stash. Because they have all the things that they need to know about you, all they need is find a way to decipher it.

You need a more secure way to manage your transactions: Even if blockchain is public, it doesn’t mean that it has to be that way. There are things that you can do in order to make your transactions more secure and one of those means is by bitcoin tumbling, bitcoin mixing or bitcoin laundering (whatever you call it it’s all the same).

bitcoin tumbler

What is a bitcoin tumbler? A bitcoin tumbler is a type of service that can either be free or with fees. The concept is that these services will mix (tumble) your bitcoins with other bitcoins before sending it back to you (on a different address). The result of this tumbling will provide inconsistencies like you receiving a bit less or a bit more bitcoins, all to help not raise any suspicions and stop anyone that’s been monitoring you on their tracks.

Who should use bitcoin tumbling services? Ideally, everyone should try it, but there are people whose needs outweigh other people that compels them to have extra precaution in dealing with their bitcoin transactions. These people are:

  • People that are in a transaction with people known to be big spenders or investors with the use of bitcoin.
  • People that have big amounts of bitcoins being transacted every day.
  • Companies that don’t want other companies to be able to trace their transaction details.

Safety is a state in which a person is kept away from bodily and emotional harm, but in today’s age is it enough? The world has become more complicated over the past century that physical and emotional well being isn’t enough. There are things that are needed to be considered as well as your digital life and part of your digital life is your finances like bitcoin. And the fact is no matter how secure you think you are because your wallet is something that is hard to even memorize it’s not safe and you’re not anonymous. If you want to be, be smart and use a bitcoin tumbling service. if you want a good list the guys from cryptalker.com.