ColdFusion Web Development

What You Need to Know About ColdFusion Web Development

The onset of technology has paved the way for revolutionized web applications. The web industry is always in demand of applications that’s functional, scalable and most importantly, secure. This is exactly where ColdFusion comes in. Basically, ColdFusion is an application server that’s more inclined to providing service for commercial and enterprise industry levels. Adobe designed it to be a highly available RAD platform that’s perfect for web applications.

Points of ColdFusion Development

Strong Points of ColdFusion Development

Due to its strong features, ColdFusion is widely adopted by many companies around the globe. In fact, about 75% of the Fortune 100 companies today is using this web application in the conduct of their business. ColdFusion has won several awards due to its functionality and scalability. It is also dynamic and can be integrated with other Adobe technologies, making it highly effective and efficient. Frequent version releases has also paved the way for effective bug fixes.

As a RAD language, this web platform can easily develop apps within a shorter period of time. Hence, you will be able to save a lot of money and effort and be able to focus on the more important parts of the business, the operations and management. If you hire coldfusion developers now, you’ll definitely be provided with the best web app in terms of functionality, security, and scalability.


There are some people who say that ColdFusion is ineffective since it is already an old language. ColdFusion was initially created in 1995. Since that year, many versions were released and it is still continuing to develop more fixes and features to enhance performance. Macromedia owned this web app but it was then purchased by Adobe in 2007. The dynamic performance of ColdFusion made it one of the most widely use technological mechanism in the world today. Compared to its counterparts, ColdFusion boasts of a unique coding pattern that’s easily understood and learned.


Just like any other commercial product, you need to buy the license for ColdFusion development. It is not inexpensive. However, despite the cost that it entails, the benefits are immeasurable. The amount of money you invested will be reverted to you before you know it considering the functionality that ColdFusion offers. Since development time has become faster, you can get your ROI in just 3 projects or so.

Running your website on a cheap solution will eventually take a toll on you and your business. Security is something that you should not overlook. If you want the best for your company while getting a good ROI, ColdFusion just might be the perfect solution for your needs.