What Are Whiteheads And Why You Should Be Concerned

What Are Whiteheads And Why You Should Be Concerned

Whiteheads, as what it’s named for, basically is a pustule that is colored white. It’s part of this yin and yang in your face together with a back head and both seriously needs to go. It’s a dilated hair follicle that has a hardened keratin, skin debris, oil, and dirt. It might not be as prominent as a pimple but its still going to become worse and will affect your skin tone if not treated.

There is no permanent in treating whiteheads, so as blackheads and acne. It’s a constant struggle, and while there’s no permanent solution, there are preventive measures that one can use to minimize or remove it from the face. There are already many ways of treating or removing whiteheads and it starts with you, yes you, treatments will not be successful if you’re not open for it.

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What causes whiteheads: If you plan to treat whiteheads you should know what causes it. Whiteheads are a natural occurrence, and one can never be free from it. The only thing that you can do is manage it properly thru proper hygiene. The sooner that you take this seriously, the better your whiteheads management will be. Below you will find what causes it:

  • It’s racially inclined and family-centric: Whiteheads are actually connected with your genetics and family history. That’s right, just like cancer, race, and lineage has a big factor on it as well. It has been known that Caucasians are prone to having whiteheads versus any other races and if you’re falimily has a long history of being white heads prone, chances are you will get that as well.
  • Excess sebum: Sebum are natural oils that are excreted by your body and are mostly noticed in the face. These helps moisturize your face and helps trap dirt and microorganisms that plans to invade you. While that is good, too much sebum is bad since it aids in trapping your hair follicles, your skin debris and dirt that causes whiteheads. The more sebum you produce, chances are, the more whiteheads you will produce as well.
  • Hormonal changes cause whiteheads: Hormonal changes cause whiteheads like puberty and menstruation.

The treatment: There’s really no shortcut to this if you want to properly manage the whiteheads you need to be more hygienic than you were before. Like taking a bath when needed, washing your face at least 2 times a day. Use cleansers and face wash that can cause exfoliation and can deep clean your face. The more that you make this into a routine, the better that you can manage your whiteheads.

Whiteheads is a household name when it comes to face invasion. Aside from whiteheads, your face also has blackheads and pimples and this is due to a number of reasons like sebum production, hormonal changes or imbalances, racial and lineage. While there are many products in the market today that promises to rid you of whiteheads, it’s not going to work one time. Managing whiteheads is a constant battle and if you want to manage it properly, hygiene should be observed like taking a bath regularly, washing your face with a cleanser or a face wash for white heads. If you want more info on these types of products, check out SKINFAQ.