Sites of the Harappan Civilization

The Sites of the Harappan Civilization

The study of the Harappan civilization and culture made a huge expense that until this very day, people are still in search for the truth and arguments behind it.

However, since a lot of people are taking extra miles in research and studying for it, there have been a lot of websites and blogs online that talks and discusses about the Harappan Culture.  One of which is

Talecup have a lot of cultural stories and articles published on a seem like bookshelf websites. One of the very sought articles they have is the story about the Harappan Civilization.

Today’s blog will talk you over some of the facts founded and thereby proven from this culture. These are traces of the sites that took place and settlement during the Harappan civilization.

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study of the Harappan civilization

The Harappa

The city of Harappa is obviously the urban center of the civilization. It is settled in Punjab Province, Pakistan which is on the oldest bed of the infamous Ravi River. According to the findings, five mounds at Harappa did have 3D Renditions, which shows extensive walls all over the place  that became a big help for trade and defense.

Archaeologist also stated that there were abundant terracotta figurines founded on the site that provided the very first clues during the 19th century to ancient Hindus, or better yet known to as the Harappan Civilization.

Mohenjo Daro

The Harappa culture were present in two major cities the Harappa and this one, the Mohenjo Daro. This is considered as the most notorious sites of Harappan Civilization. It lies next to Indus River, located in Sindh Pakistan.

This city was infamous because it is made up of uniform buildings, hidden drains, weights, greath bath with some other hallmarks which are discovered in the 1920’s. This is basically where most unicorn seals are found.


Dhola Vira is the site located next to Khadir Beyt. it is an island in Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, India. Although, this site has only been excavated since 1990. Like Harappa and Mohenjo Daro, it also a home to some of the best-persevered Stone Architecture. Moreover, a tantalizing signboard with Indus script has also been found during the studies and searched of archaeologist.


Another site is Lothal. This remains on top of Khambat Gulf in Gujarat India. This was near Sabarmati River and the Arabian Sea.

It remains as one of the most research Sites of Harappan Civilization. This site has a bead factory and Persian Gulf seal, they believed that this site was involved in an astonishing trading system back then.

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Here are just a few sites and information about the Harappa culture, if you still want to know more you can head on to for a complete article on the Harappan Civilization.