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The 2 Types Of Market and Technology Platform

When you refer to a technology platform it can either be an e-commerce site that sells tech products or a review site where people can discuss, do reviews and provide feedback on the various tech products that is in the topic. It’s a platform that has grown exponentially given that people are more technologically inclined now than before. Proof of that is how the society is owned by smartphones and almost everyone in a forum has a say about something. When you commute almost all the people that you see are looking into their devices including you.

Because most people are users now, most people can relate to tech topics like mobile phones, action cameras, headsets, portable speakers, drone, gimbals, electronic skateboards, hoverboards, digital cameras, laptops and many many more. Everyone has a say about it whether its a feedback or a rating, the fact is everyone has a say because everyone can relate to it now, the only difference is the variation in knowledge.

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The e-commerce site: One of the popular technology platforms are e-commerce sites. These sites are visited by people that plan to buy an item, will buy items and researching items based on feedbacks and ratings. E-commerce sites are two things primarily and these are:

  • Direct selling e-commerce sites: These types of sites directly sells to buyers their products. They may or may not allow 3rd party sellers to trade in their platform.
  • Platform for trade e-commerce sites: These types of sites don’t have products and services to sell, they only open their place as a common ground for both buyers and sellers to meet and trade but they do have their rules and policies that members should adhere.

The review site: Review technology sites are more into the knowledge side of things. These sites act as a knowledge base or as a reference where people can go to for reference on a type of tech product, the topic can be anything under the sun tech related. These places usually have

  • People that need confirmation or convincing whether to buy an item or not
  • People that are having a dilemma whether they should buy an item or not
  • Experts that knows a lot and wants to share their expertise
  • Article writers or bloggers that provides certain information from technical specifications and to what he/she thinks about that certain tech product.
  • People that are asking assistance or help on some issues or needs clarifications
  • Usually these sites can be Blogs, Reviews and forums. These places are very helpful since it converges various types of people with the goal to educate and help each other out with certain issues, concerns and problems.

A market and technology platform can be two things, it can either be an ecommerce site or a review site. Both sites are highly useful in today’s age since the world is technologically driven. Review sites provide information on products that people are planning to buy and e commerce sites provide this convenient place to shop for tech products. If you wish to know more you can check out piyasacilar for more details.