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Strategies to Follow when Developing South Korean Mobile Games

The Trending Korean Mobile Games

The South Koreans have the highest smart phone penetration for playing mobile app games. Korean smart phone usage is ranked tenth in the world based on a survey. Koreans prefer playing free mobile games but one out of ten persons do possess paid games in their smart phones.  The mobile gaming revenues is surprisingly higher with the advent of new features in Korean smart phones. South Korean Gamers stand second to mobile game players of Japan in the monthly average spend on Games which is interesting to know about the crazy gaming interests among the South Koreans. The mobile game developing market is trending high for this reasons. There is a rapid pace in testing , downloading and installation in their smart phones with main reasons being pure bliss and keen interest in winning the tough game plays by the game enthusiasts.

Korean Mobile Game Developers

Strategies to consider for Korean Mobile Game Developers

Koreans love to play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing) adventure games. They are social gamers who likes to play as a team. They also like spending time in social network sites. Men like RPG and MMORPG games while women like puzzle, board games and RPG. Battling games and e-sports are popular among the Koreans. So mobile game developers have to keep the target audience in mind when designing and developing Korean games. In-game purchases work well in Korean games. Also they like networking through social networks. So the games can be connected to messengers and social networks, which will act a self- promoting tool to its peers and friends when they share it in social media.

Koreans love playing in local languages, so consider using local images and text for local game designing. Local Ads can have greater impact as well. As per the survey, Koreans play games on the move and also like doing multi-tasking. So have an ideal time for each rounds in your games for attention seeking. Push notifications during the peak transit times and office breaks can get the attention with ease. Game developers can ideally invest in Google Play. With Android ruling the South Korea market,  they can target apps for android play store. T-Store and Naver AppStore are also popular there. Mobile game developers have to consider all the three store when releasing their games to sustain the market. Any game has to be certified by the Game rating and Administration committee(GRAC) and Game content Rating board(GCRB) before it enters the Korean gaming market. So, fall within their standards and budget when developing Korean mobile games.

Considering the above mentioned points when developing a Korean mobile game, will for sure end with a success story in the gaming world.