Career in Public Relations

Starter Tips for Choosing A Career in Public Relations

There are many career paths that you can take. It is a matter of choosing which profession you are passionate about. If in this case you are considering a career in Public Relations (PR), there are different things that you should know about. The trick here is to be patient.

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Careers in PR include being a brand ambassador, public relations administrator, content manager, executive assistant, director of public affairs, director of public relations, event manager, and public relations executive like Ronn Torossian. If you are looking for PR job, you need to know the job titles so you have an effective job search.

If you are a college student looking for a career in PR like Ronn Torossian, you have to prepare. It is best to start early so when you graduate, you already have an advantage over other people seeking a PR career. To help you get started, here are some things that you can do to prepare for entry into the PR world:

• Write extensive paper works: PR is about writing good contents. It is important that while you are young, you start writing extensive paperwork in subjects like English, Communications, Marketing or Journalism.

•Create a blog: Creating a blog is your way of introducing yourself to the world. The success of your blog will reflect your skills in PR.

•Learn how to document your work: Successful people in the PR industry like Ronn Torossian have their own portfolio. This portfolio is the documentation of their work from the beginning up to the recent projects. If you are working for campus magazine or newspapers, you need to compile it. If you went for TV or radio hosting, you also need to document it for future reference.

•Work as PR coordinator: To really embrace the PR industry, you start small then you work your way up. If the school has PR coordinator, do your best to get this title because it is an excellent addition to your future references.

•Be an event organizer: part of the PR world is hosting or organizing events. You can consider the communications department, media relations, admission, alumni affairs and even sports information.

•Look for PR internships: It is good to shadow people with PR experience because you can learn many things from them. During your school breaks, ask a PR professional if you can shadow him/her. If not, wait for your final year and look for PR internships. You can consider internships in broadcast departments, social media departments, marketing firms, and other communication departments.

•Join a club: You may think that joining a club is insignificant but it can be to your advantage at the end of the day. An excellent example is joining the Public Relations Student Society of America to learn more about the PR field. This club will organize many events for networking purposes. This is an excellent start and an additional reference when you will start to work.