It is possible for a well experienced eyes to detect the flaws in a coin and make correct assessment regarding its quality. But when it comes to beginners, the job is not easy as it seems. It is for this purpose, coin grading was invented. It is the process of determining the correct value of a coin based on its surface condition, quality, rarity and liquidity. Coin grading companies uses a wide range of abbreviations to denote various grades of coins which might be a bit difficult for beginners to understand. This coin grading guide will help you in understanding the various abbreviations used in the coin grading system. Following are some of the common abbreviations that are widely used in the coin collectors’ circle-

Coin grading companies

  • Fine (F): This grade is assigned to the coins whose main design and details are clearly visible and readable. The coins show considerable wear in all its raised surfaces.
  • Very Fine (VF): The wear on the surface of such coins indicates that these coins have been in circulation but only minimally. All the fine details are present in the coins which are grades as VF.
  • Extremely Fine (EF): Only a slight wear can be detected at the surface of Extremely Fine coins on inspection. Such coins display sharp details and much of its mint lustre.
  • Uncirculated (U): These coins show no sign of wear other than minor mass production scratches. All the finer details are intact with full lustre present.

These are the grades that can fetch you maximum price for your coin or can make a valuable addition to your coin collection. The other categories of grading includes-

  • Poor (P): The coins graded as poor are not at all in a state of identification. This type of coins are not normally collectable unless they are rare.
  • Fair (F): Such coins are recognisable but many of the details are not visible.
  • Good (G): The coins under ‘good’ grading are sometimes also referred to as mediocre coins as they are quite worn but their date and design are identifiable.

Similarly there are other grades likes Very Good, Almost Fine etc. which precisely evaluates the quality of a coin. Hence, every coin collector should refer a coin grading guide before getting started with the grading and trading of coins.