Manufacturer of vibration control products

Manufacturer of vibration control products: Isolation technology

Isolation technology is the manufacturer of vibration control products. Isolation technology is a company which is expert in field of manufacturing noise control products and vibration control products. It supplies sound proofing products, vibration control products i.e., vibration isolators and noise control products. The company was established in the year 1989 and has been delivering quality products since. The company is based in Massapequa, New York, United States. Series of vibration isolators, Neocork Dampers, elastomer mounts, novibro mounts, elastomer pads, isolation rail and many other products are delivered by Isolation technology. Marine engine mounts are also supplied by the company. But the company is mainly focused on its purpose as manufacturer of vibration control products.

vibration isolators

There are three series in vibration isolators i.e., series C vibro isolators, series Q vibro isolators and series WMI welded marine isolators. These vibration isolators are basically isolators that are iron housed and rugged casted or rugged welded. The steel springs are mainly responsible for serving the purpose of vibration isolators. They come with two adjustments i.e., internal and external. The vibration isolators with internal adjustments are called CI vibration isolators and the vibration isolators with external adjustments are called CK vibration isolators. Non-adjustable vibration isolators are also available for limiting the oscillation property of the product.

Even though Isolation technology is manufacturer of vibration control products, it also supplies soundproofing products. Elastomer mounts also help in controlling vibration. They are cheaper as compare to vibration isolators. They come in handy for controlling high speed/intensity equipment. There are two types of elastomer mounts, categorised on the basis of deflection produced. The equipment which offer up to ¼ ‘’ deflection is S version and the equipment which offer up to ½ ‘’ deflection is D version. While purchasing the mount, the dimensions are the main concern of the customer. Novibro mounts are used for controlling the vibration caused by rotatory movements of the equipment like pumps, compressors, combustion engines, generators, converters, fans, industrial gen sets or marine gen sets. These mounts use their rubber profile for controlling the vibration.