Importance of dampers

Importance of dampers

Now a day’s the use of dampers are growing widely everywhere in the world. It is a kind of a plate where it is useful for stopping or regulating the external air especially in a duct, air handler, VAV box respectively. These dampers are instantly termed as a valve. Many companies supply these dampers products like rectangular, round and more to the required customers. Consider EWC dampers, these dampers provide different kinds of dampers which are essentially designed to regulate unusual air flows that enters any resource or material.

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Purpose of using dampers:

Its main responsibility is regulating air flow. So it is also useful for eliminating unusual air flow either it is heat or cool air to a room which is not used. Instantly these dampers regulate external air flow to the unused rooms. It simply controls the climate and maintains regulated room temperature. This is the reason why the dampers are known as air handlers.

Consider volume dampers;

The other name of dampers is volume dampers. There is an existence of fire dampers which are effectively utilized for the purpose of preventing fire spreading especially in ducts, chimneys etc. through the form of fire resistance. This kind of fire resistance will be in the form of walls and floors.  Consider a branded company namely EWC dampers also produces products in order to regulate air flow or fire spreading in the systems like HVAC related ducts plays a vital role today.

Shock absorbers:

These shock absorbers are a kind of devices that regulates unused spring motion in the form of a process namely dampening.

If you want to know whether a damper is open, then follow the sequence of steps discussed below;

  • Initially check visually by utilizing the flash light.
  • Check the chimney whether it is closed or open when you poke your head inside it. Once you visualize that a barrier above your head then it indicates damper is closed. Or else if you face or look in to the flue then damper is open.


Hence dampers and shock absorbers specify the same. Their functionality is same in terms of regulating unusual air flow in dampers and regulating unusual spring motion that enters inside the duct. Finally a shock absorber is a mechanical device that are designed for absorbing and damp shocking impulses. But dampers are similar and instantly called as shock absorbers only where it is especially utilized in suspension systems that are not dependable. In fact these dampers are helpful in absorbing vibration energy.