Drawbacks of using bitcoins

Drawbacks of using bitcoins

Bitcoins are known to be a decentralized form of cryptocurrency which provides numerous benefits to the people those who avail its option regularly. Many people save these bitcoins in their bankrolls and withdraw it in the form of cash. In fact, it involves fewer transaction fees. Besides several benefits resided, there are also drawbacks featured which affect an individual who uses bitcoins exclusively. So, in order to sell BTC, there are many ways available like alternatives in the form of bitcoin ATM’s, wallets etc.

Let’s look at and analyze on some of the drawbacks:


  • Due to its huge popularity, the presence of online scams is also widely popular today. It includes different scams, hacker attacks and exclusively killing the people’s dreams wisely by the cybercriminals. This is the reason why the law enforcement agencies are taking a step forward. Moreover, these bitcoins are enacted as alternative selling options like bitcoin exchange options, wallets, online trading transactions etc. in order to sell BTC without any issue.

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  • Mostly the existences of black market especially dark web marketplaces are the home place for the cybercriminals those who steal the individual bankrolls account in a wise manner. So, before going to choose a payment option, you need to double check whether the payment method is genuine or not. Just take an example of PayPal payment option which acts as a secure payment transaction resource currently.
  • The killing drawback of using these bitcoin transactions is that there will be no means of chargebacks. It certainly means that most of the people are facing transaction frauds. For example, consider a seller who sells a particular product and delivers it to their customer. The service providers will never ever make a request of refunding in the form of bitcoin.


Hence from the utilization of bitcoins, there will be both advantageous and disadvantageous to the people.  So, this is the reason why cryptocurrencies are widely used in the current business market and it enables a top leading position compared to other cryptocurrencies that are already existing.  From the above-discussed drawbacks, bitcoins get affected especially from online thefts and scamming attacks respectively.