Digital marketing and law firm

Digital marketing and law firm

There are many challenges that law form faces when it comes to digital marketing. Many lawyers have experience that even after investing lot of money they are not getting benefited by their marketing and website. Others have opinion that reports the SEO or marketing company is sending, they are not able to completely understand that. Some people even don’t have time to priorities the tasks related to marketing. So, Comrade is ready to solve all the issues related to SEO for lawyers.

SEO for lawyers

Strategic plan:

  • One must understand clearly that how their customers are searching for service and how they are making decisions
  • Research everything about what the competitors are doing
  • Have complete understanding on what can be improved and what is already working fine
  • Also think about marketing channels which will not work for lawyers
  • One must always develop unique selling proposition
  • One must also create buyers journey may be on their website this will help potential clients
  • One must also know all about best practices. This will help in attracting the customers and get calls from the customers

SEO- doing it right:

SEO for lawyers must be done in a right way.

  • One must be totally focused
  • They must aim for top 5 results
  • To get traffic they must go for long tail keywords
  • One among the best long term investment in digital marketing is SEO.
  • But this solution may take three to six months just see results. One must patient
  • Even though digital marketing company will know everything about client’s company, they will not be aware what client knows about their own company
  • It is the job of the client to have continuous communication with them to get know everything

All about PPC:

  • It is always good idea to start with ppc since SEO always takes long time
  • It is possible to get calls within 2 weeks
  • But one must also remember that even ppc takes some time to get optimized
  • It is the task of the digital marketing company to find out which landing pages, keyword groups, messages, graphics or ads are delivering maximum amount of callas and conversations
  • It is important to look at what competitors are doing but it is not the only task
  • It is very important to monitor the performance on a weekly basis
  • It is better to perform testing rather than counting on assumptions
  • It is good to use techniques which can attract clicks and even delivering results

Along with visuals it is also important to understand the facts because of which people tryst the business. Even though the websites looks great people may not trust it. One must think of choosing a platform and creating a technology which helps in attracting the reviews. It is important to keep some time to create Case studies. This must be done for every service offered separately. Start investing more on channels where it is possible to get good ROI’s.