Contemporary Lights

Contemporary Lights vs. Traditional Ones (What Makes the Former Good)

Almost every homeowner is searching for ways to make their place energy-efficient and safer. Traditionally, a lot of homes have bulbs and incandescent lights. As times passed by, LED lighting has been popularized because of the number of benefits it features to homes, buildings, schools, offices and other establishments.

As traditional bulbs often act as heaters which waste nearly 90% of energy, contain mercury and are very delicate, modern lighting options can bring dozens of great and favorable things (which make them superlative, of course).


When you see the new designs for contemporary lights at Modern.Place, you’ll likely find items that have durable properties and can withstand weather conditions. This only makes them ideal for outdoor lighting and other harsh environments that can’t be easily managed by traditional lights.

new designs for contemporary lights

Unlike with the traditional lighting options that show a decrease in the lifespan because of frequent on/off, contemporary ones can be regularly switched on or off without affecting the light emission or the longevity. This goes to show that they’re on a different level.

“Green” Features

One of the biggest reasons why modern homes have pendant lighting and other similar solutions is that they present eco-friendly qualities. The absence of toxic materials reduced utility cost and carbon footprint. Not to mention that some of them are 100% recyclable too.


A lot of shoppers are very much excited to see the new designs for contemporary lights at Modern.Place simply because they know that energy efficiency is very possible. For example, popular brands such as Philips light stay cool despite the long and continuous use. This makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Interestingly, because of the longer lifespan, upkeep is reduced. This saves anyone from the stress and hassles involved in the maintenance procedures.


Even if the prices of most contemporary lights are more costly than traditional ones, their cost continues to drop, thus providing a long-term saving for the people. Since they are durable and demand minimal maintenance, spending money on replacements and upkeep can be avoided.

On a monthly basis, the modern types emit enough light that won’t increase your bills. Even if you decide to run them for a long time, they’ll remain cost-effective. Considering this wonderful feature alone can interest a lot of people, especially those who want to cut down their usual monthly expenses.

Dimming Ability

Though it’s one feature that isn’t recognizable enough, contemporary lights have the ability to stay dimmed and be flexible. (One can say that they’re designed to meet a person’s needs and wants). Their color, distribution, and brightness can be controlled so easily that makes them perfect in various environments (e.g. classrooms, hospitals, airplanes, homes, hotels, etc.).

As you can see here, there are many great features present on modern lightings. When shopping for one, pay attention to the most important matters. More importantly, don’t settle for anything less.