Responsible Online Gambler

Betting online – The Responsible Online Gambler

When you gamble online, you realize that at any given time you are literally betting and playing against people half a world away. It is precisely because of this that this activity is one of the most highly addicting gambling activities. This entirely depends on you, the gambler on how to prepare yourself to avoid being hooked and addicted to this activity. Below are some responsible gambling advice to help you enjoy online betting without being addicted.

How much are you willing to lose?

Putting this in your head before even logging on to an online betting website is Key to avoiding abusing this activity. Avoid chasing losses as this will actually make you lose more. Once you have set your limit and reach it, just stop.

How do you FEEL?

Avoid getting into this activity when you are depressed, having some sort of emotional trauma, or use it as a way to avoid stress. You open yourself up to a whole new host of dangers if you do this. Never use gambling to avoid another problem as it will create more

use gambling

Be TIME sensitive

Aside from putting a limit on monetary value, also set a certain amount of time frame for this activity. this is regardless if you have not yet reached the other limits that you might have set such as the amount. This should be an independent checks and balances tool to further decrease the chances of you falling into the pitfall of 먹튀 Gambling Addiction.

You are NOT making Money

Be aware at all times that online gambling serves only its owners and that the activity makes money FOR them and not you. Having this knowledge alone should change your mindset. Play for fun and entertainment if engaging in the activity is entirely unavoidable for you.

Take a Halftime Break!

It is important and just like any other activity, to take regular breaks from gambling. Get out of your room away from the computer, grab a cup of coffee downstairs, have a breather in your balcony, phone a friend, ANYTHING to break the cycle and give you a chance to clear your head and be able to think outside the heat of the moment.

Is it becoming a SECRET activity?

If you find yourself making up excuses in order for you to have more time with your activity, chances are it is your subconscious telling you that at least on that level you know you are doing something to be ashamed of. This is the perfect time to really take a step back and re-assess the situation.

Remember that you control how you behave and awareness is a powerful tool and weapon that you can use to combat addiction in any form.