Baster Method

Baster Method: What You Must Know

The modern woman has the ability to make decision for themselves. This does not only pertain to their lifestyle and day-to-day, but even bigger decisions like getting pregnant. Starting a family these days doesn’t have to mean you need another person in your life or a significant other to help you. This specific choice is the right of any women. Whether you want to get married or have someone in your life is a choice that should be considered properly. But if you don’t want to, then it’s important to know of the right methods to help you.

pregnant without the need for intercourse

The Baster Method

Technology and medicine are two things that are highly advanced these days. Because of that, people are discovering the potential processes that can be done on their own. The baster method allows women to become pregnant without the need for intercourse or any type of connection with a man, if you do not wish to.

The known facts about Baster method

There is always the question of whether this specific thing will work or not. Others have their doubts because the method is just too simple that it can be too hard for others to believe. But according to experts and those with experience, this is highly effective and is a method that you can trust. If the right conditions are met, then it wouldn’t be difficult for you to get pregnant.

  • You need to make sure that you are fertile during that time. Just like following the cycle for ovulation, it is important to guarantee fertility. The whole process will not work especially if this certain condition is not met effectively.
  • The sperm needs to be fresh and healthy. Live sperm only has the ability to survive for a few seconds. So you must do your utmost best to properly preserve it. The right container has the ability to take care of its life and to continue preserving its life.
  • Proper devices should be used especially when you want it to be successful. Sterilizing the syringe and making sure that everything is clean will be the first priority. If you wish to use it, you must first make sure that there is no air within the syringe before you fill it up with semen.
  • The semen must be injected as close to the vagina as possible. So you should be careful where it is being inserted. Get into a comfortable before you insert the syringe.

You must consider where you are getting the sperm. There is no guarantee that the whole thing is safe especially when the source is unreliable. The best choice should be directly heading towards sperm banks. They test the sperms donated and bought before they sell or send it to most hospitals.