Parenting is something that demands extra care and attention. Being a parent means being more responsible. When you welcome a baby to your life, it is your responsibility to teach your little angel healthy habits. Toilet training is a requisite when it comes to good parenting. It is often seen that the parents read and research a lot on good parenting. Reading from various sources will only increase your list of DOs and DONTs. This will only contribute to more confusion. Potty training is a big step as far as parenting is concerned and a lot has been said about it too. Many a times, parents find it very difficult to choose which advice to take and which to ignore. We very well know that it is a crucial step in the development of a child and you want to do it with utmost perfection. Hence, we are here to help you with this. We have put together a guide to zindelijkheidstraining which will make things easier for you to understand and apply in your daily life.

Guide your child to the path of cleanliness

The Right Time to Start:

If you ask, whatis the right time to start training your child, the answer would be ‘there is no fixed time’. Reading the signs of your child is however important. Every child starts showing the signs at different ages. Some kids start showing the signs as early as 18 months while some others take 2 years or more. The two big benefits of making your child toilet-trained are-

  • You can get rid of all the hassle with diapers and changing.
  • Your child learns healthy habits and becomes independent.

So, we can say that there is no fixed age to start with potty training and also there is no specific method to do it. You can get started with it the moment yourealize that your child is ready both physically and mentally.

Reading the Signs:

The following are some of the signs indicating that your child is ready to be toilet-trained.

  • Physical Development: It comes when your child gets control over bladder and intestines. The child should know when to urinate and poop and should be able to control it until he/she is at the toilet.
  • Mental Development: this is where the parents have an important role to play. Even if the child is in a state to realize the feeling to poop or urinate, it is the parents’ responsibility to make the kid understand what to do in such situations. Parents should show a lot of patience. They should tell the kid in the most understandable way to go and sit on a toilet in such situations. The child should be patient enough to follow the instructions.
  • Mobility: it is quite obvious that your kids can be toilet-trained only if they are able to walk on their own. This is one important sign to start training your child.

Guide your child to the path of cleanliness through zindelijkheidstraining. Happy Parenting!