Financial Freedom at Its Finest

Alexis Assadi: Financial Freedom at Its Finest

You probably heard about the book written by Alexis Assadi. The book was apparently written right after he has reached financial freedom at the young age of 26. It basically covered his perspectives on wealth building and how important investing is, especially for your entrepreneurs. The thing is, success wasn’t served to him on a silver platter. He earned his way up through dedication and hard work.

Little Background on Alexis

A Little Background on Alexis

Born in Switzerland, Alexis belonged to a middle class family and he was fortunate enough to have parents who did their best to give him the best life there is. He was able to travel to different parts of the world even at a young age. His family finally settled in Canada in 2000. In his own words, he struggled during the first few years in college, but later on realized that he was actually doing better if the subjects are in line with his interests. Otherwise, it was nearing impossible to pass. It was during college that investing first sparked his interest.

Professionally, he worked for his uncles. He was a Political Science major, so becoming a lawyer seemed to be the wisest decision at that time. While in New York, his interest in investing grew even more. He started trading beyond the regular mutual funds, even with little money. In time, he realized that what he wanted was to become a businessman, and not a lawyer. He spent about 5 years learning about investments and investing. By the time he turned 26 years old, he was already building a solid portfolio with an income more than what he earned from getting a job.

Using his learnings and advices from colleagues, he ultimately developed a pure passion for investments, especially in small and private ventures like real estate. He saw that the more control that he had over particular variables, the more that he was able to enhance the returns on his investment.

What He Does Today

Today, he basically runs various businesses. One of which is the Assadi Capital Corporation which basically covers debt and equity in various business ventures. The company has funded more than 50 small businesses, with coverage ranging from health care to landscaping. He is also the CEO of the financing firm, Pacific Income Capital Corporation, which offers financing to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Alexis Assadi is aware that he has made mistakes along his journey, but the key here is to lead those mistakes into positivity.