A490 Tension Control Bolt: most applicable for the heavy constructions

Tension control bolts are made from high-quality and strong steel. These are available in several different diameters and lengths. Both the A325 and A490 tension control bolts provide optimal performances in a moderate temperature range that is between 40-90 degree Fahrenheit. Whereas the galvanized tension control bolts are the perfect choice for exposed or outdoor installations, or where corrosion is a probability, the A490 Tension Control Bolt Manufacturer have prepared these uncoated bolts to be more suitable for the enclosed or indoor installations, or where the corrosive factors are not the issues.

tension control bolts

Why should you use tension control bolts?

In these days, the usage of tension control bolts has significantly increased rather than the rivets or the hex head bolts. Rivets were the first choice as the fasteners that are used in heavy constructions. After a few years, hex head bolts were used in the heavy constructions as they provide faster installation time and required less number of bolts than rivets. As a result of hex headed bolt’s quicker installation time and superior strength, soon promoted the construction industry to use hex head bolts and that became the standard. Hex head bolts and the control bolts share the same component specs. Tension control bolts are always faster to install and they allow three or four times greater speed of installation.

The best source of tension control bolts:

While considering the option for the A490 tension control bolts, a trustworthy manufacturer is required to ensure that you get the best quality product that serves your purpose the best. A leading, reputed and experienced manufacturer offers the highest quality steel to manufacture their product. As a part of the quality control procedure, they check through the arbitrary lots of A490 bolts to make sure each of the components meets all the specific tolerance requirements and integrity standards.

The best A490 Tension Control Bolt Manufacturer will complete the testing procedure accurately. During the test, a bolt is attached exactly in the same way that maintained when being installed in a steel connection. Here, the tension reading is noted down to ensure the maximum and the minimum tension is required for the bolt’s diameter need to meet.